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Our Traditional Creative works and visionary education live on

The legacy of Printing, Publishing and Education of value has continued since 1949. Not limited to breadwinning education, but to shape the character of Men and Women, the Nation and the World. A bold futuristic vision set in 1949. We are positioned to accomplish that Impossible Dream.

Born free | stay free | Live Free


Nadar Asia

The Worlds first Education through Intuition

Learn Nothing Understand Everything

Born Free | Live Free | Stay Free

Our Amazing Creations

Nadar park

Top quality designer T-shirts. Unique designs in limited quantities. Wear your personality. Artists handcraft gifts for every occasion. Visit our store and explore.


The World’s first education institution to teach through Intuition. True knowledge that does not stale with time. Apply this knowledge in your life to experience real happiness.


Vintage wall calendar paintings [ original ], our heirloom collection is for sale and Art prints of the original to make it affordable to all. Own a heritage of fabulous Art. Visit our store to view our fabulous collection.

Our TV network imparts intuitive knowledge to you. The contents don’t stale as Intuition operates out of the realm of Intelligence. Watch our shows and feel reality.[ Coming Soon ]


Our Digital Magazine for wellness and inner peace. Lost sacred texts are rediscovered, and their secrets and relevance are revealed. Every article is researched, and the hidden truths are brought to you as it is. [ Coming ]

New Age Educational books in Comic book format. Revive and relive your lost glorious heritage. Your duty to protect your ancestral traditions is very important. [ Coming Soon ]

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