Destiny Has brought you here with a purpose

you are going to unite the world.

Wondering how? " just be as you are | where you are | how you are." The powerful Intuitive knowledge you learn, will do its work.

Following The Traditions And Ethics Of Our Ancestors

Before we write a few words about our legacy from 1949…Yes, in 1949. Our lineage of ancestors were trendsetters in the industry, job creation, Education for girls and selfless social welfare for harmony among a diverse community of people. We will come to the details in another chapter. Let us first and foremost bring you our founding principles in Education. It is upon this foundation that Nadar Asia stands. The ethical standards are no ordinary declarations or fanciful imagination. But, time tested the way of living in harmony in society. What are these moral codes?

Education For Girls

Girls' education was the paramount aim of our ancestors, as they are the custodians of our cultural heritage and civil society.

Secure Employment

Our ancestors had a policy of cradle to grave for all its employees. Out of compassion they built houses for their employees for free in the same street as they lived.

Social Service

Our ancestors did not limit social service to the education field. But, also helped and guided the small businesses to thrive by pooling in society resources. Everyone lived in abundance and contentment. Unemployment or poverty never existed.

Free Industry Guide

Our ancestors helped entrepreneurs who wished to start an Industry. Although their Printing Press Coronation Litho Works was renowned worldwide, yet if any printing business owner needed help in setting up his machine. Such help was given without expecting any reward or fear of competition.

Our Founding Principles

The Golden Roots


1)  We are here to teach and never preach.

2)  We never put down another faith or ridicule their customs.

3)  We do not convert or claim superiority over other faiths.

4)  We never encourage you to leave your faith.

5)  We emphasise you to be as you are, where you are and how you are.

6)  We never put down another’s faith or ridicule their customs.

7)  We never instil fear of Hell or promise Paradise to leave your faith.

8)  Never teach violence in any form.

9)  Our lessons are 100% safe for children, Individuals of any faith.

10)  Age is of no concern. Totally family-safe content.

11)  No dress code or visible mark is required. Just be as you are. 

The high ethical standards are in the DNA of our lineage’s bloodline, and I write on behalf of my ancestors with conviction. Their vision is being worked through me. It is their guidance, inspiration, and grace that I am favoured to work on their behalf. All the lesson plans, the structure, the content and the delivery are done through some mysterious inspiration and strange intuition. That is enough for now. I will tell you the true story of how this unique university was founded. Have a glance at our Ethical principles of Education.


Father of Intuitive education
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