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The dream of a unified world was penned in 1949

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Father of Intuitive Education

The legacy of Publishing and Education has continued since 1949. Our ancestors laid the foundation for ” Uniting Humanity ” through Education. Not limited to breadwinning education, but to shape the character of Man, the Nation and the world. A bold vision set in 1949. We are working to accomplish the Impossible Dream.

K.C.A.D. Chidambara Nadar quotes

  1. Encourage always, never discourage or look down upon anyone.
  2. Be simple, soft-spoken, but not stupid. Take wise counsel and then decide your firm opinion.
  3. ‚ÄúTake small steps to your goal, you lack nothing. Never stop your journey because of failures. The day when you succeed you will cherish your lessons of failure over your success.”
  4. Review the past. Plan for the future. take wise counsel. Implement the plan.
  5. Instil a broad outlook in Life, beyond local, regional, and even national patriotism.
  6. Advancement of Girls with traditional time-honoured Education, to Inspire young minds the spirit of Service for the advancement of their Motherland. And groom excellent Citizens, for a Unified World.


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